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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 23, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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dozens of cats living in horrible conditions. the surprising place they were rescued from... and what tipped off animal control. 19:01:44the school is peanut free and shellfish free free food allergies in children. the growing problem.. and the controversial cure being offered by a maryland doctorr "it's just a miracle -- i believe." and.. how an accidental pocket dial ends up saving a young woman's life. 3 3 today is friday, september
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3 first on fox... a baltimore mother says her kids were attacked on the way home from school by bullies.but it's not the bullies, la-tia crippen is upset with.megan gilliland is live at francis scott key elementary and middle school with more on whoo 3 morning news. gilliland, fox45 baltimore, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news.
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a judge is taking action... after a key witness in a murder trial... refuses to test.
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testify.troy taylor was found in contempt of court... after failing to answer questions on the witness standd.. about the killing of 72-year old charles bowman... a security guard for the afro-american newspaper. taylor's friend... michael hunter... is on trial for shooting bowman during a robbery at a chinese carryout. taylor had already pled guilty in this case and was sentenced to 35 years in prison... on thursday... the judge added five more years for his lack of cooperation. a severna park woman is accused of hoarding dozens of cats... in deplorable living conditions.67 cats... along with 2 deceased cats... were seized from the "cool cats" rescue facility in millersville. millersville.the cats... which are now recovering at the anne arundel county animal control shelter... appeared to be scared and nervous.some were struggling to breathe... others were sneezing uncontrollably.animal control officers say inspections at the facility have gone well in the past... but recently... numerous complaints have come in about concerns for the
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health and safety of the cats... when the owner did not respond to recent request for an inspection... that's when the search and seizure was issued. all of the cats were infected mites many had upper respiratory wtih varying degrees of severity many have eye infeetions many have skin c. conditions... once the cats are brough back to health... they will be put up for adoption. tolls at maryland bridges and tunnels are going up... starting november first. first.the transportation authority board gave final approval to the measure on thursday.tolls at the bay bridge will now go from 2-50... to four dollars.and by july of 2013... that price will go up to 6-dollars.tolls at the key bridge... hatem bridge... fort mchenry... nd harbor tunnels are also rising. many drivers are not too pleased by the news. (pipkin) "shame, shame, shame, what we see here this morning, we have the governor, secretary of transportation and the mdta board kill jobs in the state of maryland."
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for a complete list of toll hikes... just go to fox- baltimore-dot-com... and click on news links. the republican presidential race is getting tenser by the andrew spencer explains... the candidates faced off in florida in their third debate in three weeks. weeks. orlando set the stage for the latest g-o-p showdown.governor rick perry, the frontrunner in the race, again had a bullseye oo his back.he and mitt romney exchanged words over whether perry ever said he wanted to turn social security over to the states."it's is not the first time that mitt has been wrong on some issues before. the bottom line is, we never said we would move that back to the states"romney accused perry of flip-flopping."it's different than what the governor put in his book just six months you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that."this time, nine presidential hopefuls went head-to-head. former new mexico governor gary johnson managed to steal some of the spotlight by delivering, perhaps, the best
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one-liner of the night."my next door neighbor's two dogs have created move shovel-ready jobs thannthis administration." congresswoman michelle 3 bachmann had some answering to do for comments she made after the last debate.she drew fire for suggesting a cervical cancer vaccine mandated by perry causes mental retardation. she says she was just repeating a story told to her byya concerned mother."i didn't make that claim, nor did i make that statement...i only related what her story was."the candidates left the stage agreeing on one common target -- president obama.they attacked him on the economy and health care, as they all eye putting the white house back in republican hands.i'm andrew spencer, reporting. plorida was also the host of last week's debate.the swing state is expected to be an important battleground in the 2012 election. closing arguements begin in the appeal trial of american
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student, amanda knox.she and her boyfriend were convicted of killing knox's roommate... meredith kercher in italy back in 2007. if the italian courts grant the appeal... both knox and her boyfriend... could go free. a california man is making progress after almost being beaten to death... after a baseball game six months ago. family members say bryan stow is speaking for the first time since the attack.he was attacked at a giants... dodgers game in los angeles back in march.stow was in a coma and remainee in critical conditon.the family says he and the names of his kids.the - two men who attacked him face felony charges. lady gaga is taking her fight to end bullying to a new level. she wants to make it ... illegal.the pop star took to twitter to exprrss her anger at the bullying of new york teenager who committed suicide on sunday... after being harassed about his sexuality. she tweeted that bullying is a hate crime and she plans to push to make it illegal.
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it's friday and that means it'ssyour turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your rrsponse could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. 3coming up on the early edition... hurricane irene is long gone, but there's still a storm brewing in baltimore.why some firsttresponders are upset concerning thier pay... while working in the height of the st. storm. ((break 1))
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((bump in)) 3 someday soon they may help doctors opprate, help injured people walk again....
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or help themselves to world domination. we're talking about robots robots, and joel d. smith is live in college park with some of the most advanced and most interesting robots in the world, right now.
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3 3 still to come... the cost of getting away is getting more expensive.the extra fees hotels are adding. adding.our members were out there doing things they don't ordinarily do tree removal and in some hazardous conditions plus.. they worked during the height of the hurricane irene. but... some city first responders say they're not getting the pay they want for it.why some are saying.. it's the mayor's fault.
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3 the city saved money during hurricane irene at the expense of first responders. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola explains....some say the blame lies with the mayor.'s story you're seeing first on fox. fox. 3 3 ((pkg)) during the height of hurricane irene.... first responders were out in force . (fugate) 10:15:20 our members were out there doing things they don't ordinarily do tree removal and in some hazardous conditions live wires so our members were out there in more jeopardy than normal :32 in the days that followed... concerns about pay surfaced. an email leaked to fox 45... shows the city response. eventhough police expected to be paid the same as they were
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during the last natural disaster, the 2009 blizzard. the city said no! (moore-carter) 9:46:08 i think our police officers and firefighters are heros i really do because i work with them on a daily basis but however i also have to look at it from the perspective of the city we have a policy in place and we followed that :12 while the mayor declared a state of emergency during hurricane irene.... she did not officially shut down the city. a decision that saved her hundreds of thousands of dollarssbecause it meant she could pay city workers less. cherry 11:04:11 i think everything the city does when it comes to maintaining that budget and deficit is cut cost :11 a money matter we asked representatives from the mayor's office about.... the office declined comment. (cherry)11:04:34 i think financial considerations unforuntaely have always been paramount at city hall and most of the time they forget the hard work the men and women are doing. as a result of what's happened during irene, policies are under review. 9:45:49 it's
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important for me to write some guidelines so we can avoid this type of confusion in the future. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. straight ahead... and need a holiday job?the toy store that's hiring.
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3 stocks the world's economy is looking worries out of the u.s.... china... and europe fueling the selling. and it wasn't just stocks... gold also melting.the so-called safe play during shaky times... not looking so safe right now.the shiny stuff down almost 4 percent.the bad economy has fed-ex....feeling fed up.a drop off in global demand forcing the shipping giant to lower its financial outlook for the full year. fedex stock down around 8 percent on the news.and tech giant hewlett-packard making a big move.the struggling company naming former e-bay c-e-o meg whitman as its new c-e-o. meantime toys-r- us...saying come work for us.
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the toy retailer adding 40- thousand temporary jobs for the holiday shopping rush... but that's about 5-thousand fewer than last year.and tte cost of getting awaa... keeps getting more taking a ue from airlines ... and now adding fees for things like housekeeping and early cancellations.all those extra charges raking in nearly two billion bucks for hotels this year alone.that's business. i'm neil cavuto. coming up... she was being beaten by her boyfriend.. and needed help. help."he grabbed him and kinda shoved hhm." "it's just a miracle -- i believe." the bizarre thing that her attacker did... that led to her rescue. 3 solyndra may be the biggest presidential corrrptioo scandal in more than a century. you may be just now hearing about
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solyndra. especially f you primarily watch network news or read newspapers. solyydra was a "green energy" company. with a failed business plan. it applied for government financial aid. but was turned down by the bush administration. shortly after barack obama became president, the administration approved the money. over the objections of financial analysts who predicted solyndra would go bankrupt by september 2011. the obama administration gave loan guarantees of $535 million. and solyndra went bankrupt this month. just as predicted. half billion taxpayer dollars -- gone. the man behind sollndra was george kaiser. a top obama fundraiser. he visited the white house 16 times accompanied by solyndra officials. four times in the week before the loan was announced. merely a coincidence. last february, it became crystal clear solyndra would go bankrupt. so the obama administration rewrote the loan documents. this allowed kaiser to get his investment firm's money out of solyndra ahead of the u.s. government
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in bankruptcy proceedings. such an arrangement never happens. actually, it did happen once before. in the chrysler bankruptcy. union leaders pecovered their unsecured loans first. and secured bondholders got only pennies on the dollar. at white hhuse direction. ending 200 years of banking precedence. chrysler was political. the actions in solyndra appear to be criminal. yet, attorney- general eric holder is pretending the scandal doesn't even exist. for more on this story visit behindtheheadlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook. i'm mark hyman.